Healthcare Analytics Partner

Choosing a Healthcare Analytics Partner

Optimize health outcomes, increase margin, and leverage AI.

Long cycles, nuance, delay, and complexity are the hallmarks of working with healthcare data. The same doesn’t have to be true when seeking a partner to understand your specific healthcare challenges and go kinetic with your data as an asset. Whether you’re a payer or TPA, we offer the following guide points to help you evaluate and select an analytics partner with the right mix of capabilities to protect your profitability, improve patient-member health outcomes, and leverage the power of AI to extract real value.

Unlocking Value with Insight-Driven Data

Identification and Stratification (“ID + Strat”): This is a foundational “table-stakes” competency and can make or break the outputs of an engagement, turning it into a fishing expedition rather than uncovering true insights. Make sure your analytics partner understands your data, how you segment that data, how often the data is refreshed, is familiar with your data governance, and understands your business well so as to treat the data appropriately.

Supplementing core data with additional data sets – such as social determinants of health, consumer behavior, and psychographic information – can significantly enhance predictive accuracy and offer deeper insights.

A capable analytics partner will analyze both individual and population-level trends, providing a comprehensive view of potential risks or opportunities. This might include identifying trends that could justify negotiating better terms or developing more tailored health programs.

Streamlining Success with Enhanced Data Flows and Communication

Data Refresh
The pipeline between you and your analytics partner should be architected to seamlessly accept and re-evaluate the data through the predictive models and risk assessments, to ensure ongoing accuracy and to keep insights current.

Regular Touch points
Open lines of communication and regular progress reviews between key stakeholders, data subject matter experts, and analytics service providers is crucial to a successful engagement. These sessions are an opportunity to discuss findings, anomalies, and ensure alignment to your organization’s objectives.

Building Bridges with Collaborative Expertise

Collaboration with Stakeholders
As a key partner, the analytics provider should not just seek to crunch the numbers but possesses spirit of true collaboration and an ability to speak your language, while working cross-functionally with your stakeholders to understand their unique needs and concerns, while aligning the predictive analytics outputs with their goals.

Industry Expertise
A diverse background in healthcare finance, operations, data science, and client management is essential to understand and address the nuance in a complex industry to find real value and insights that will make all the difference (and worth your while) as you seek to elevate your capabilities and serve your customers.

Safeguarding Standards with Compliance and Security in Analytics

Legal and Regulatory Compliance: A remarkable healthcare analytics provider will ensure that all predictive modeling and risk assessment practices adhere to legal and regulatory standards, particularly regarding patient privacy and data security.

As you consider your next steps in enhancing your healthcare analytics capabilities, remember that the right partner can redefine the value you derive from your data.

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