Play A Winning Hand

Financial Risk Forecasting

A transformational solution with extended predictions periods and unbeatable accuracy rates so you can make informed decisions to optimize revenue and ensure sustainable growth.

Our Clarity Vantage solution revolutionizes how healthcare payers and TPAs approach stop loss negotiations. With our cutting-edge analytic framework, you gain predictive insights that empower your team to navigate stop loss negotiations with unmatched precision and confidence.

Whether it’s identifying optimal coverage thresholds, predicting future claim trends, or optimizing risk management strategies, we equip you with the insights you need to play a winning hand in the complex game of healthcare underwriting.

“Clarity’s predictive analytics for Underwriting provides a deeper understanding of a client’s future claim expenses. These insights help underwriters perform at levels beyond their years of underwriting experience.”

The Future of Stop Loss Analytics Has Arrived

Staying ahead requires more than just traditional risk management approaches. It demands forward-focused analytics and strategic foresight to navigate the complexities of stop loss negotiations with confidence.

Enable Portfolio Management

Manage your stop loss margin systematically at both the block and population levels with a bird’s eye view of your financial landscape.

Make Informed Account Negotiations

Gain direct visibility into the driving costs for members with account-specific views and what-if analyses.

Access Complete Coverage

Look into the future with analytics that detail all lines of business for the expected costs of every member up to 24 months ahead.

Unmatched Accuracy, Unparalleled Predictions

We set a new standard with a model that’s twice as accurate as the closest market analog, offering extended predictions for both current and next renewal periods.
Revenue Optimization

Navigate the delicate balance between retention and margin with guided precision.

Reduction in Labor

Access insights critical for managing a profitable business efficiently.

Confidence in Decision Making

Rely on the accuracy and completeness of our analytics for every negotiation.

Ready to shuffle the deck in your favor?

Stop losing and start gaining with Clarity Performance Solutions’ Stop Loss tool today.