See Beyond the Surface

Value-Based Care Coordination

An analytic-backed solution designed for payers and TPAs who are seeking to take control of the member experience to drive measurable impact.

Unlike traditional EMRs, our value-based expertise forms a cornerstone for member engagement that directly automates, performs, and engages members with the right message at the right time to ensure optimal organizational and health outcome performance.

We utilize advanced data science and analytics to align all engagements, data, interoperability, and care coordination with your value-based agreements to assure you are delivering market-leading engagement at every level.

Backed by Proven Analytic Models

We deliver a tailored approach that assesses your unique member population, including an analytic inventory of:

Risk Identification and Management:

  • Medicare Advantage HCC identification (persisting & suspecting)
  • Medicare Advantage HCC audit risk identification
  • Rising risk with future exacerbations
  • Persistent high risk
  • Future Re/admission risk
  • Future ED utilization risk

Quality Improvement and Gap Analysis:

  • Key Quality Gaps
  • Barriers to care
  • SDoH factors

Prediction Analysis:

  • MSK event timing for knee, hip, back, neck, and shoulder surgeries
  • ReaL estimates

Population Awareness and Planning

Extract health trends, risk profiles, and other needs across covered populations to facilitated targeted engagement initiative and strategies using our holistic collection of population health data.

Uncover Pre-Engagement Insights

With access to actionable insights prior to conducting engagements, you can transform value-based contracts and quality measures such as HEDIS, STAR5, HCCPSS, and CCPSS.

Tracking and Trending

Now you can use real-time monitoring and analysis of engagement activities to identify patterns within member interactions, opening the door to a continuous strategy for optimization.

Start Engaging with Confidence

We can move the needle on your organizational and health outcome performance.