We solve operational challenges with world-class experience and time-tested solutions for payers and TPAs.

Claims Backlog

A trusted partner for specialized BPO claims administration services tailored for healthcare payers and TPAs.

Member Engagement

Care coordination aligned with value-based agreements to ensure optimal organizational performance and health outcomes.

Contact Center

Claim status and resolution, eligibility verification, and coverage and benefits questions for both patient members and providers.

Stop Loss Advantage

Predictive insights that empower your team to navigate stop loss negotiations with unmatched precision and confidence.

Your Next Healthcare BPO Partner

Sustainable Shared Success

We take the risk from the start of each engagement, using SLAs to predefine expected level of service and ensure accountability.

Our performance is clear – measured by our accuracy and throughput for win-win partnerships.

Breaking Technology Boundaries

We leverage custom software developments within your existing systems and applications that are engineered to meet your unique needs.

Our processes are built exclusively around your workflows and platforms to ensure clear-cut success.


Getting the Most Out of Your People

Claims Backlog Improved with Training, Tools, and Quality Audits

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Cut Through the Noise with the Clear Choice

See the difference that Clarity can make as your business outsourcing partner in performance.